The weather has been so gorgeous as of late! Sunday’s like this seemingly always remind me of the routine I had years ago when I lived in Humble- church in the a.m., Big Mama’s for lunch, nap, change into a pair of jeans and head to the club for our pool tourneys. My love for shooting pool started in High School and grew through the years as I listened & took notes from the old heads as they gave me pointers on the art & grit of the game. Before I knew it, I was keeping up with the big boys & had the confidence to play outsiders $20/ball 🎱

Around that time, I met a guy named “Tee”. Military vet, hard exterior, soft interior, cool dude & great conversationalist. We linked up for dinner one night then afterwards headed to shoot some pool at a spot off 1960. When we arrived they had a Friday night tourney going so the place was packed & majority of the tables were reserved but luckily we were able to snag one. As the waitress made her way through the crowd with the rack of balls Tee said he hadn’t played in a while. I suggested we start with a free warm-up game then play best out of 3 at $20/game, winner takes all ($60). He laughed, but agreed, so it was game on!

Of the 3 games I won 2, declaring me the winner. I walked around the table to shake his hand & tell him good game but it wasn’t until I held out my hand for my coins that I realized a devil demon was forming. “Oh you was for real?”, he said. I looked at him with a confused face and a head nod, “uhh yeah.” “Man this some bullsh*t, I thought you were joking. Ion bet money like that. I don’t even have cash on me.” My mouth said nothing in those few seconds but my face and lips gave a “you full of sh*t” look. 😏 “So you were serious?”, he asked. “Yes, and there’s an ATM machine behind you near the entrance.” I leaned onto the table holding my lil wooden pool stick, in case he tried it, while never letting my eyes leave his.

I sensed anger began to form as he paced through the tables over to the ATM. I followed behind at a slight distance, pool stick in hand & wristlet in the other, as he walked up to the machine & inserted his card. The sound from the machine let me know money was being withdrawn but my gut told me this date was over. He turned around to spot me standing nearby, reached for the cash and unexpectedly threw the $20’s in the air and walked out. Story to be continued…

I learned a lesson this day and what I took as fun, Tee didn’t. Betting ain’t for the weak, especially if you’re a sore loser. If that’s the case, stick to the penny machine or game apps on the phone. Whether I agreed or disagreed with Tee’s actions, I learned money and ego is one way to ruin any type of friendship or relationship if it’s not clearly communicated or understood. Cause sh*t gets real when money on the table or issa billion dollars on the elevator.. 💰😅

Happy Sunday y’all!
Corrita 💛