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Coming Home

“Sometimes I gotta vibe alone to really understand some things”.

This meme popped up on my IG early Sunday morning. The right post showed up at the right time because all last week was shitty. I heard it allll week and my peeps I chat with on a daily knew my moods were on 1000! … And bloody nature. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ But anyway, Iyanla Vanzant is a fav of mine. Motivational speaker, life coach and outspoken spiritualist who is not afraid to get in your a$$. She’s real & I love that about her. She was in town last week and I missed seeing her live but I’ve been following her throughout her tour to catch little snippets. This particular vid I watched was about “coming home”. Whether home was a happy place or not, she referenced that you have to come home to the presence of who you are to truly live out your purpose. The video was confirmation that your happiness doesn’t rely in anyone other than yourself and at times you have to disconnect from the outside & tap into some alone time to bring yourself back “home”. For most, it’s easy to get so caught up in being away from home while taking care of everyone and everything else and neglecting the true essence of yourself. It’s also easy to lose focus on what truly makes you happy, what keeps that smile and all those internal beings that make life worth living.

Summer 2019 was one of theee best summers I’d had in a long time and was full of new faces, ex baby daddy’s, Anita Baker songs, brunches, hot pink toenail polish, shenanigans and hot girl sh*t. Hey Meg! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Fun times but I lost focus and at times lost my manners.

Iyanla continues to discuss that life has a way of slowing you down and if your current situation doesn’t make you feel good, it’s time to re-evaluate and make some changes. Get clear about what disrupts your home including dreams you put to the side, goals that got lost and all the things you prayed for that seemed impossible. NEWSFLASH! πŸ—£ It’s called YOU. You are the one that has to take accountability for your actions today, make the moves and shift into a direction where blame is not being placed on others for a lack of what you didn’t do. In order to seek out those dreams, YOU have to phone home and get clarity on what’s holding you back. Once you’re clear on what’s been the missing/broken pieces then you can effectively put in the work and head in the direction of success.

I consider myself somewhat of a social butterfly, even though I like birds more. Lol. I’m always in the streets, exploring a new restaurant, on a plane, a beach, somebody’s house or just always doing SOMETHING. It used to be hard for me to sit still, be alone or even be in the house for long periods because I always liked to be out and about. When Hurricane Harvey happened I was living off 290. Unlike the rest of Houston, we hardly got any flooding and I was basically cooped in the house. Work had been cancelled and I had a travel credit that needed to be used so I booked a trip to Montreal. My first solo international trip & an enjoyable one. I brought along a workbook entitled ‘Even Happier’ by Psychologist, Tal Ben-Shahar that was full of exercises on self-reflection, growth and provided a deeper level of understanding you. Til this day, it’s still one of my favs.

I recently re-downloaded my Audible app and read/listened to Amber Rose’s book, How To Be A Bad B*tch. Surprisingly, it was better than I thought as she provided lessons on being yourself and not conforming to anyone else’s views. Simply be you. Charlamagne’s 1st book was a great read as I took away a lot of pointers on life, learning from your mistakes and the most important, living and owning up to your truths. My current read is ‘Laws of Human Nature’ by Robert Greene which mostly discusses human behavior.

As August begins, it’s already a busy one from the looks of my work and personal calendars but I’ve committed to having more me time while getting back to my core focus. And lastly, in the wake of the untimely shootings happening around our country, we never know when the final day will come so love on your loved ones, be cordial to the fake ones & appreciate the gift of being blessed to see a new morning. Happy Sunday/Monday (it’s 5:43am but I’m still awake like my alarm isn’t going off in 12 minutes 😏). Until next time.. -Corrita πŸ’š

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Maleah Davis πŸ’•

I’ve never been a fan of the news because over the years it seems like every story is becoming more and more depressing. I enjoyed little segments of the weather or sports but since the emergence of smartphones, I can see it all with 2 clicks. In my field of work I see, hear and deal with enough traumatizing incidents so when you look at it from that standpoint the news has only increased the heartbreaking feels of what I deal with hands on each day. Severe physical abuse, teenage runaways, drug-infested newborns, sex trafficking- I see it all and sadly nothing surprises me anymore. You put on your investigator hat and learn several cases are full of side-eyes and lies.

The case with little Maleah started around April 30, 2019. When I started paying attention to TV clips and heard about the case it hit differently. Houston, TX. It was right at home. But from the moment I heard snippets of what occurred I instantly knew something didn’t add up with Derion Vence and the kidnapping (clue 1), the mother ironically being away in another state for a funeral (clue 2) and the car (clue 3). First 48 is one of my favorite shows and in watching those detectives you’ll see it’s only a matter of time before forensic evidence or an eye-witness reveals the truth. Technology in this day and age is both impressive and scary and it’s only so much a person can get away with. I assumed from the jump Vence committed the gruesome crime and it would only be a matter of time before he disclosed where the body was. Once the video footage was released and he was arrested and charged with ‘tampering with evidence relating to a human corpse’ it would only be a matter of time before he disclosed other details. The heat was on and time was ticking. Then boom, his bond went from 1mil to 45K in 2 days? What?? I started doing all types of internet research trying to figure out how/why his bond was lowered, how bonds are set, who is this Judge, etc. I didn’t understand but I stopped and put my thinking cap on. I thought the only way they could’ve lowered his bond was because there’s more details in the case. He talked! He must’ve given his attorney or someone details that his hands weren’t the only ones in the pot! As more of the nation tunes in, eyes are starting to point towards the mother.

According to news articles, Maleah’s mother had history with CPS a number of times. Details discussed multiple emergency room visits, unexplained injuries and brain surgery. Pictures surfaced of Maleah’s bruised and swollen face as she slept in her father’s arms, Craig Davis. She was returned back home months after with the Judge’s approval. I’m sure we all had those burning questions:
-Where was the biological father?
-Was there a family monitor or other relatives?
-What are the details of the mother’s funeral trip?
-Who is the Judge?
-When was Maleah last seen and what did she disclose?

…And many more questions. I’ve also come across comments about it being CPS’ fault that little Maleah was placed back with her mother, how the system failed her, etc. If you’re familiar in any way with how the system works when CPS becomes involved LEGALLY, there is only so much power CPS has. A lot of decisions are determined by CPS’ testimony, the courts and attorney’s but the FINAL decision is rendered by the Judge. Some years ago there was a media case involving a sibling group where the youngest had been physically abused by the parents. Over the next 8 months or so they appeared to make some progress so per the Judge’s order the children were returned back home. Shortly after the youngest child ended up deceased and the other sibling was removed, again. All fingers pointed towards the parents. The news article included the Judge’s name as the responsible party for sending the child back home. The Judge was very remorseful and since that time any physical abuse cases that involved a child returning back home to their parents were given extra precautionary measures. Not to bunch all Judge’s together because they are their own decision-makers but we all make mistakes. And in this case with little Maleah I can’t help but think of hurt and heartbreak many of the parties involved are feeling.

Breaking news emerged that the step-father revealed he dumped Maleah’s body bag off the road in Fulton, Arkansas. From Houston, that’s about a 5 hour drive going north on 59. On May 10, Quanell X came out with a statement stating “[Brittany Bowens] helped [Derion Vence] shield the truth about Maleah from doctors”. X continued that the mother called off the engagement prior to leaving for Massachusetts for her father’s funeral and that may have caused Vence to snap. On May 28, X withdraws from representing the mother. 2 days later Vence’s attorney also withdraws. On May 31, X announces that little Maleah is deceased and details his conversation with Vence in jail. Our minds now knew what our hearts had been feeling. Little Maleah was gone.

From a legal standpoint, I question Quanell’s ability to “represent” the mother without having the appropriate qualifications of any other attorney. However, I applaud him for not only speaking to Vence but releasing himself from the mother’s case and disclosing locating information on the whereabouts of Maleah’s body. I’m unaware if the reward money was given to Quanell X for disclosing crucial information or if he’s allowed that but I do wonder if Quanell was used as a pawn to help HPD by speaking with Vence? When X agreed to represent the mother, did he know all details? We all have many questions as to how did this happen, what was the mother thinking, where was the biological father, etc. And honestly, some of those questions may go unanswered. I appreciate Quanell X for not prolonging the search any longer and getting to the bottom of it. After he withdrew from the mother’s case he hit us with a hard truth, “you have women that desire to be loved so bad, even to protect a rotten man”. It makes you question if mental illness played a part, which is oftentimes a topic that we ignore. Maleah’s case is a true testament that things like this happen more often than we think and it could easily be your family or someone you know. This case is far from over as bits and pieces are still being disclosed. Now the main question is what part can YOU play in ensuring your little niece, neighbor or student is protected at all costs?

Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, announced that City Hall will turn its lights pink on June 9 to honor the life of 4-year-old Maleah Davis as pink was her favorite color. “Just as the light will shine in her memory, we must continue to shine a light on the horrific circumstances that lead to her death and make a promise to protect all children in our community.” As we wear shades of pink Maleah’s honor on this beautiful Sunday, let’s keep all her loved ones, communities and other innocent souls uplifted in prayer. Until next time– Corrita πŸ’•

*All detailed information pertaining to this post came only from news articles. Thank you.

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Graduation πŸŽ“

Graduations are always an exciting time full of family, friends and food. Certificates for the Kindergarteners and money/gift cards for the older ones. Well, that’s the fun part. The seriousness comes in with going off to school to continue your education, pushing yourself to achieve the next career goal or numbing the pain from thinking of student loan debt. Funny but for some it’s true. However you look at it, graduation is still an achievement and a step in the right direction so whichever path you take, don’t quit. Set goals and keep going.

This graduation season we’re celebrating the neph.. and a few others as they recently graduated from high school. I talked about him a little in my May Photo Challenge and highlighted a few of his accomplishments. But now real life begins where you learn to balance work, school work, playtime.. and a little Boosie in between. 😝

Congrats to all the 2019 graduates! πŸŽ“

Enjoy the vid.. Volume up! πŸ—£πŸ—£

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Relationship Talk 1-on-1

Back in 2015, the ladies and I embarked on an Urban Ski weekend trip in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Also there was Karlie Redd and Rasheeda and Kirk Frost from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I’m a follower of the LHHATL brand and through watching I became utterly disgusted at watching Kirk disrespect his wife on national TV week after week, not realizing it could be all for TV, so when I seen him checking into their hotel in Tennessee I kept that same energy and look of disgust on my face as I did on my couch watching the TV screen. Anywho, Rasheeda and Karlie were nice, danced and allowed us to take pictures with them while Kirk sat and watched.

In watching the show they’ve been married for about 17/18 years and have 2 sons together. Kirk has 5 or 6 other kids from previous relationships but I’m not sure if that came before or after the marriage. You can do the math. I always thought Rasheeda was too naive and easy on him. Or was the LHHATL check so good that they chose to make a fool of their marriage on TV. Whatever it was, they looked crazy as hell. Fast forward to this past Monday. I was a few weeks behind so in playing catch up on old episodes that I missed it’s 4 years later and Mr. Kirk still doing the same ol dog sh*t. He done had a WHOLE baby with a young broad from the strip club and now wants to walk on eggshells with the baby mama to protect his peace with his family. Ok sir. After being in the dog house with his wife, Rasheeda finally let’s him move back in the home, they have their family back and all seems good.

On a recent episode, Kirk and Rasheeda took the other TV couples on a camping trip, did some activities and gave advice on how to keep it fresh in the bedroom, how to juggle being a mom and wife and tips for a long-lasting union. Now, this may not be the two best people this info is coming from but I see the point when you look at the big picture- they seem to have a strong union, no matter what the hell Kirk does she ain’t leaving and they’re sorta the faces of the LHHATL brand since Stevie J and Joseline didn’t work out and Mimi is just.. there. As I watch now, I no longer let it get under my skin why Rasheeda doesn’t go harder on him or why Kirk keeps screwing over his wife. If they love it why should I care? That’s they business and who knows, it’s probably all for TV. It’s my weekly dose of ratchet so I watch and chuckle like the next.

We’ve all been in relationships or situations where your friends or family don’t like the person you’re dealing with, don’t agree with your decisions or just can’t understand of allll the men in the world, why’d you have to choose that one? There is no one right answer but I believe every decision made is a part of life and learning more about you. In a social media world it’s so easy to get wrapped up in other people’s stories or how they portray life to be in private vs. public. It’s also easy to insert your opinion in someone else’s life when they put every second on Facebook. And I’m the first one to scratch my head and ask, why put it out there if you dont want people to comment then get mad when something is said that you don’t agree with? But I’m also in a space of “who cares” when I have my own things to worry about. Life is more simpler this way when you just do you.

I dated a guy years ago (we’ll call him Buddy) and neither of the parentals cared for him as a man (because he had a number of kids) or a boyfriend (because he was almost twice my age). But, I wanted what I wanted. Over time things started changing and I found myself slowly distancing myself from him. Things I wanted to do, he made excuses. Trips I wanted to take, he wasn’t interested. Areas I needed assistance in, he wasn’t supportive or helpful. I started asking those real life questions- Is this what I want in a mate? How will this impact our future little ones? At some point if it’s not helping you grow it’s hindering you.

But what I didn’t realize is all along he knew he wasn’t the guy for me and me succumbing to his lifestyle wasn’t elevating me to reach my full potential of where I wanted to go in life. He seen it but I got comfortable. The warning signs were there and I had to learn and make that decision on my own. He let it be known he was stuck in his ways and didn’t want to change. Whether I agree or disagree, I respected him for not wasting another second of my time or his. We parted ways with no hard feelings or baggage and moved on.

When friends come to me with problems I now learn to listen first and ask questions later. I’ve learned that everything doesn’t require a long, drawn out Dr. Phil answer or counseling session. Sometimes people just need to talk it out to vent and need you to listen. That’s it. 9 times out of 10 a person knows if they’re going to stay in that unhealthy situation or relationship you may not agree with. They may not hear nothing you have to say the first 4 times you say it but allow them the space to figure it out without feeling like it’s more weight between your friendship. You don’t have to agree but you must know your place. Did you hear me? Know. Your. Place.

We all go through things in friendships, situationships, relationships and marriages and it’s not always easy having someone listen without placing judgement on your issue. All advice isn’t good and unsolicited advice is not always warranted so if giving advice, be sure it’s truth (even if it hurts) and coming from a place of love. Until next time.. — Corrita πŸ’›

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Happy Birthday from Punta Cana! πŸŒ΄πŸŽ‚πŸŒ΄

A month ago I said I would keep my birthday simple this year- road trip, massages, mud bath, ride bikes, play with birds, yoga, etc. Different kind of birthday turn-up, right? Lol, I know. Well, my little Gemini mind changed and I wanted a beach so Punta Cana it was!

My friend Keysha and I have the same birthday and some years ago 5 of us ladies celebrated in Cancun, imagine that dosage of Gemini fun!Β  πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈ The year after I did Cabo with an ex-boo (we’ll call him Milo), took on Jamaica in 2018 and 2019 the beautiful Punta Cana with Keysh. Some things fell through with her arrangements and I was indecisive about where I was going up until a week ago when she hit me up so we made it happen. We arrived on Wednesday, 5/22 and stayed until 5/26. Ironically, when we seen each other our nails were the same (white powder, rhinestones on each nail and designs) and our hair was similar.

We arrived at our resort, Breathless, and it truly takes your breath away with it’s beautiful landscaping, palm trees, lazy river, the different pools and easy access to the beach. There were other things I loved as we walked through the resort but that’s what I noticed first. And our amazing ocean view room. We opted out of doing any excursions this trip as we had the same things in mind- turn-up for the birthday, lounge on the beach, eat plenty, drink plenty, girl talk and relax. We met lots of new faces from Australia, Baltimore and New York, to name a few. That’s one of the good things about vacationing, you meet people from so many areas of the world with different accents but serving the same purpose of enjoying their home away from home.

Resort- We stayed at Breathless Resort, about 20 minutes from the airport. The hotel had everything I wanted- all inclusive food and drinks, top shelf brown liquor (because I’m not your vodka girl), wifi, ocean view, pools, easy beach access, good reviews, etc. The hotel is adult-only and known as a party hotel through their number of pool parties. You get 24/7 room service and good entertainment throughout the day and at night. Because it was our birthday the hotel gifted us with a white and chocolate-drizzled cake and a bottle of champagne that never made it but I’ll save that rant for the full review on Trip Advisor. The cake looked yum but we got 2 tipsy the day they brought it and forgot 2 put the cake in the fridge before we left 2 go party so it sat out all night next to the coffee pot looking lonely. But anyway. Overall, I would recommend this hotel if you’re traveling to PC. Good crowd and good times.

Food- The food was good (not great). It was several restaurants to eat from: Steakhouse, Mexican, French, Japanese, etc. We tried a different restaurant each night and liked them all but none really stood out to make me want to go back twice. If I was to say, the hibachi grill at the Japanese restaurant was the best.

Staff/Service- Majority of the staff spoke Spanish but a good bit knew English also. Keysh knew all the words so I just nodded in agreement to whatever she said. CumpleaΓ±os = birthday though. Lol. The service was good and they’re very attentive whether you’re lounging on the beach and need another Bahama Mama, in a restaurant or need more towels from housekeeping.

Though the resort lacked in some small areas the entire trip was nice and beautiful. I loved the beach, upkeep of the resort and feeling safe at all times. The purpose was to celebrate another birthday and an even added bonus was celebrating with my friend Keysh.

Turn the volume up and enjoy the vid below. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes and cheers to another year! πŸ₯‚ I’m truly blessed. Oh, towards the end of the video you’ll hear the driver say Happy Mother’s Day, 5/26 is the day they celebrated Mother’s Day in DR — Corrita πŸ’›


Punta Cana 2019- Turn your volume up!! πŸ”ŠπŸ”Š



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DJ Khaled’s ‘Father of Asahd’ album review

“One spliff a day ah keep the evil away

Lord. One spliff a day ah keep the evil away ah

… It’s a holy mountain”

🎧 The album starts with an island jam as Buju Banton headlines the track along with 3 other island artists as they get straight to work on the track #HolyMountain. The first minute of the song starts with a thundering sound until DJ Khaled applauds himself on “another one” and drops the head-bopping beat. The remainder of the song is full of catchy lyrical content as they rap and rhyme about receiving blessings after being tested. If nothing else, enjoy the beat! Sick!

🎧 21 Savage hops on the track #WishWish alongside Cardi B. She’s always giving advice to the ladies whether it’s from the streets or the bedroom as she kindly tells us, “whatever you do, sis, keep it cute, sis. Leave that beefin’ sh*t at Ruth Chris or end up toothless”. From the jump of the song,Β  you can tell it’s another banger!

🎧 #Jealous is a song about outsiders giving their opinion or worrying about the relationship of you and your partner. It’s a happy-go-lucky song as Chris Brown starts it off. Lil Wayne throws jabs through his flow saying “she posts a pic of me and her from off her iPad, you know them hoes don’t like that where the likes at? Jealousy is a disease you can die mad.” According to CB, if you’re jealous you just need some love in your life.

🎧 #JustUs is a recognizable beat remade from Outkasts’ “Ms. Jackson”. The song is about a couple who’s in their own lane and happily doing them. Sza did a good job bringing a different hook to this classic. When the smoke clears and you’re still standing for each other 10 toes down, it’s proof “all we got is what we got, it’s our way it’s never them”.

🎧 #YouStay is a collab featuring Meek Mill, Jeremih as he brings the mellow vibes, J. Balvin and Lil Baby. The song starts off in Spanish then the artists claim their spots telling why their significant other chooses to stay and cry every night when she isn’t treated the best. He basically feels like his woman/partner is too loyal. Us ladies have all had a relatable experience on why we stay past our dismissal date but that’s a whole story for another day..

🎧 Next up comes Travis Scott talking about being able to #Celebrate with the loved ones and lost ones. Post Malone comes through flowing in the vocals to match Travis Scott’s futuristic mix between autotune and deep vocal raps. The song has an emotional feel to it because we’ve all celebrated in some way or another and remembered those loved ones who’ve either transitioned on or aren’t in our lives anymore. The song has a touching feel to it, yet, makes you feel accomplished as DJ Khaled comes in towards the end stating as we continue to celebrate life, it’s always love. In this moment it’s all about happy feels, good vibes and pursuing forward. I can hear this song being jammed at graduations, pool parties, a repass or a casual drive down the highway.

🎧 Lucky song #7 comes in with a church choir type feel as John Legend hums, his octaves increase and he sings “You keep taking me #Higher and Higher, but don’t you know that the devil is a liar”. In the first 13 seconds of the song I feel like he’s literally taking us to a place we’re all seeking to go- heaven! With the different melodies and percussions, you automatically think church organ on Sunday before Sis. Judy cries. As the beat drops, your foot starts tapping, head bobbing and you instantly catch on to the vibe. Legend gives us a quick 4-second snippet of what you’ll feel lyrically as the song plays “They rather see me down but my soul’s in the fire”. Our beloved Nipsey Hussle comes in with raps about the his Grandmother’s miscarriage struggles, how his father came from Africa to LA, met his mom and displays how proud he is of their accomplishments. Similar to the “Los Angeles love kinda like Hussle and Boog”, as Nip shouts out the nickname of his soulmate and LA love- Lauren London. Legend comes back in with more power and emphasis on the lyrics he sings. Nip comes back in with more rap tunes as DJ Khaled hypes him up for round 2. “Emptied out the clip it was broad day, f*ck niggas always gotta learn the hard way”- in this moment I knew the song became way too real. Nip always seemed to be very knowledgeable, ahead of his time and “woke” to bad/suspicious vibes. Nip was shot and killed a few months ago in this manner. And the outrage of the public couldn’t fathom why the killer would do such a thing. The public speculated their own philosophies, beliefs and illuminatic reasons for how and why Nip was killed but that one realistic sentence in itself makes you wonder… Legend ends it testifying in his own melodic way as the song comes to a close. This is the strongest I’ve ever heard Legend belt out those notes and I felt every.single.word. This song is powerful, brilliant and scarily real on so many levels! Definitely a song that’s been on repeat.

🎧 #WontTakeMySoul is rapped by Nas as Ceelo Green uses his lower register to serenade the hook. Nas’ authenticity on this track mixed with Ceelo’s vocals resembles a Sam Cooke sound similar to his hit “A Change Is Gonna Come” and how much depth and emotion the song gives. This song has an old school feel and makes you pause for a second to think. “You don’t know where I came from, I can’t go back, no, I can’t run, I won’t do that for nobody.”

🎧 Meek Mill and Lil Baby team up on #WeatherTheStorm. In the 2.5 minutes the song plays, it’s no chorus or catchy hooks but the song is still nice and makes you want to hear more.

🎧 Another banger comes in from the legends, Jeezy and Rozay shouting out money and all things #BigBoyTalk.

🎧 Lil Wayne hops on a more up tempo remake of Jodeci’s ‘ #FreakNYou ‘ with Gunna.

🎧 #TopOff is the first single off the album which dropped sometime last year featuring Jay-Z, Beyonce and Future. Future adds hypeness to the track while Jay spits hot fire on his verses before he brings in his queen. Bey’s rap on this song is one of the best! She’s also a queen at throwing subtle shade when she sounds off on the verses, “I’m the only lady here, still the realest n*gga in the room. I break the internet, top two and I ain’t number two. My body, my ice, my cash, all real, I’m a triple threat..” Dope song and definitely a summer banger for 2019.

🎧 #NoBrainer is a song designated for Justin Bieber’s sound. To spice it up Quavo added a few verses. In a world full of hoes, as Chance the Rapper raps, it’s a no brainer choosing his current mate over someone else.

🎧 Big Sean comes through again on #ThankYou as he raps his praises of thanks to not only DJ Khaled (who helped put him on) but also his Grandmother, family and anyone who’s contributed to his wins and losses, even his “Thank You, Next” ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

🎧 And lastly, Buju Banton gives us a reggae beat and takes us home with the chorus, hook and verses as he sings about marching on on the track #HolyGround.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album and it’s definitely one I can listen to from start to finish. Each artist was able to shine in their own way while DJ Khaled ensured each track created variety for the artist while making sure it was still a banger.

This is my first album review so feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought about the review, if you’ve heard the F.O.A. album and liked/disliked it or if you have no clue who most of these artists are. Lol. All responses are welcome. Thanks for reading along. — Corrita πŸ’›

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Take Care Of Yourself

I posted this photo on my IG a while back and recently on my site for the May Photo Challenge. When I came across this picture I immediately felt this pic was talking to me. As of December ’18, I’ve been with my job for 10 years now and have been in management for 2. It’s been ups and downs and everyday is a challenge but I love the aspect of protecting the unprotected and helping where I can.

For someone like myself who doesn’t stress, I can admit one month was pretty rough and I had never felt so low, tired, drained and ‘over all this sh*t’ in my life! It was so bad I almost felt like I was going through a depressive stage. During this time, one Tuesday a staff called me to discuss a case and out the blue she asked if I was ok. I said “yeah, I’m fine” with a fake smirk through the phone. She said you just seem sad. I responded, “I do?” At that moment I knew it wasn’t ok and some changes needed to be made. I told her I was just tired, work has been a bit overwhelming and I think I was stressing a bit. I know, that’s not something you want to tell your staff but it was raw and the truth and honestly we’re all human. Here I am thinking I’m keeping it altogether for myself and my staff and I was having meltdowns in private. I always encourage my staff to take time off or take care of yourself because if we aren’t in a good headspace we can’t be as effective to help others we council and work with on a daily. I was drowning. So, there I was not taking my own advice.

My bf knew how bad it was getting but I made excuses because I knew how much the work still needed to be done. I would go to the office and work all day, get home and work, fall asleep while working just to fall into the same routine day after day. Not only did I start neglecting myself, I was neglecting him because it became all about work. He encouraged me to take some days off so I could get away and we’d take a mini vacay. Say what?! I’m all in.

In honor of mental health month, I encourage you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Take care of your body and mind because you only get one. As the picture describes, I had to tell myself if I left this job today they would mourn for 2 minutes, clean my desk and set it in the lap of the next person. Harsh, but it’s truth. The mini vacay couldn’t have come at a better time and put a lot of things in perspective for me. I HAD TO get back taking care of me: Exercising regularly, doing yoga, getting massages, eating right, drinking more than a half bottle of water (lol), spending more time with family & friends, journaling and applying myself to become stronger spiritually and mentally. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work, looking perfect or comfort zones but if you don’t take care of you, you’ll be 35 years young with high blood pressure, gray hair and a bitter spirit. I’m just happy to say that today I’m in a much better space. Things aren’t perfect but they’re much better than my yesterday. Take care of you and encourage someone else to do the same, you’ll start seeing the benefits and will be glad you did. Until next time.. –Corrita πŸ’›