About Me

Welcome 2 Corrita’s World

Good Morning world! 🌏 My name is Courtney (also known as Corrita) and I’m a 33-year old female from Texas. I’ve always had a love for writing. In elementary school I remember getting in trouble for passing notes to my friends during class and getting caught by the teacher. It continued throughout junior high and high school when I started writing poems that turned into songs. During college years, English was always a fav. As I transitioned into adulthood I continued to journal as a way of expressing my emotions and feelings then learned about blogging and vlogging through other channels of the social media world.

Through this journey, you’ll openly learn more about my life, food favs, passion for music and daily experiences as a young boss giving advice while navigating through my own path. Like the next, I too go through relationship woes, ups and downs in the workplace, smiles and frowns, family drama and all the beautiful craziness in between.

I love open discussion so free to leave a comment, send a message and let me know where you’re chiming in from. You can also follow me on IG @corrita23. Thanks for following along, I look forward to what’s ahead.. -Corrita πŸ’›