About Me

My love for writing started in elementary school when I would write letters and pass notes to my friends during class. The letters themselves weren’t bad, in my opinion, but getting caught by the teacher, having your mama called in the middle of class then having the letter read back to you while being asked where you learned those “bad” words from. I may have gotten punished a time or two, but I kept writing. 

As a pre-teen, I received a self-help book titled Don’t Give It Away by Iyanla Vanzant. It was full of exercises that encouraged young girls to always know how brilliant and beautiful they are, have fun in life, and once it comes time to get a job, work for the joy of it, not just for the money. Ms. Vanzant related to the journey, its hardships and broke down the reasons why it’s important to know & love yourself before you love anyone else. Junior high and high school brought out love notes to the boys, poems, songs, plays, presentation speeches, motivational quotes and prayers. 

Language Arts and English class were favs as I perfected knowing the difference between trio words such as their/there/they’re and its proper use or writing a research paper on whether transgender restrooms should be allowed in schools. But the most beneficial was my college literature course where we studied a number of authors/poets, their different writing styles and the art of combining words and phrases. From then on my passion grew for readings that focused on healing, authors that related to my culture and brown-skinned characters that resembled my upbringing. 

I continued writing. Sticky notes, notebook paper, Dear Diary letters and journals all became my inked punching bag. Whether I was smiling from ear to ear or writing over a notepad covered in tears, writing became my comfort zone, my happy place, my release.

Like the next, I too go through relationship woes, ups and downs in the workplace, smiles, frowns and all the beautiful, crazy, bald-headed hoe sh*t in between. My name is Courtney (also known as Corrita) and this is Corrita’s World. Good Morning!

1st Book release coming soon!

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