My love for writing started in elementary school when I would write letters and pass notes to my friends during class. The letters themselves weren’t that bad, but getting caught by the teacher, having your mama called on the classroom phone in the middle of class then having to explain where you learned those “bad” words from was a little embarrassing… maybe because I kept shrugging my shoulders and never spilled the beans on which Auntie I learned it from. I may have gotten punished a time or two, but I kept on writing. 

Junior high and high school brought out the love notes to the boys, ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue’ type poems, songs, games of M.A.S.H and Iyanla Vanzant books dedicated to young girls like myself.  

Language Arts and English class were favs with the most beneficial being college literature courses where we studied a number of authors, poets and different writing styles. My passion grew for readings that focused on families and healing, authors that related to my culture and brown-skinned characters that resembled my upbringing. 

Whether smiling from ear to ear or writing over a notepad covered in tears, writing became my inked punching bag, my happy place and release. My name is Corrita, Creative Writer and Storyteller, and this is Corrita’s World!

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