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September Blog Challenge, part IV

September Blog Challenge, part IV

Sept. 24-28

*My Dream Home

MTV Cribs was a show that used to come on MTV when I was younger which featured homes of the rich and famous. I’m sure we all remember watching the jaw-dropping show as the cameras followed the celeb around as they showcased their big mansions, 6-car garages, 8 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, movie theater in the basement, bedroom closets the size of my whole apartment, a lavish pool, maid, chef and a grand piano, even if you couldn’t play it. Lol. The show was definitely a teenage inspiration to see! The house I grew up in in KC was a fair size to accommodate the 5 of us and had the basic essentials to suit our everyday needs, adding the comfort and security to entertain on birthday’s or other special occasions. The parentals secured the master bed and bath, my older brother, Darrick, had his own room, my older sister, Nicole, and I shared a room and can’t forget our 2 dogs, Precious and Pepper, who also lived in the house. Darrick eventually had to split the room with my cousin, Chris, when he moved in and eventually Nicole got tired of my music box so she packed up and turned the den into a room of her own. When my oldest sister, Swan, would drive down to come stay, she’d share a room with me. She was always easy-going and could sleep anywhere.

I’m not picky on where my family home would be but the focus of my dream home would be more so the type of view, a good view is tops! I can pass on waking up and opening the blinds to see a ditch or specs of old grass so whether it’s my vacation home or retirement home, a beautiful ocean or body of water overlooking the city’s lights or the hills is my vision. Once the view is secured, I’m content with the home being at least a 2-story, 3-4 bedrooms, a few bathrooms, an open-spaced kitchen large enough to bake, mix drinks and entertain, garage, a pool table and some palm trees. As for location, I could easily see myself living in the states or in another country, solely for the beaches and pretty blue water.

*4 Things You’re Grateful For

When Thanksgiving rolls around, that’s always a perfect opportunity to reminisce on what you’re grateful for including family, significant other, friends, health, all bills paid and all that good stuff but I’m going to think outside the box on this one..

4. Technology- Sometimes I sit and wonder what life would be like if we still had to research everything in those old brown encyclopedias or and dictionaries. Or if we had to have a landline connection just to check our emails. What were cell phones like before apps, games and fancy cases? I remember my little Nokia phone that only got usage after 9pm. Or Blockbuster being the Friday night spot for all the VHS tapes. We’ve come a long way and I’m grateful technology has made a come-up. Who would’ve thought we’d become so addicted to keeping a cellular device stuck to our hips or in the back pockets of our skin-tight jeans. We’ve transformed to have phones as a necessity in our day-to-day lives that it’s hard to imagine them not being incorporated into our day.  

3. Family Heritage- You always hear the saying your first friends are your cousins you grew up with and it’s truly a village of us. Annual Wilson Bonfires featuring BBQ’d raccoon, jugs of that brown over ice, dominoes, a warm campfire and somebody getting cursed out by Ms. Willene is always a classic laugh. Whether you’re 6 or 60, you are NOT exempt from being called a _______. LOL! The Harris Fam Pajama Jam and midnight breakfast on Christmas Eve continues to be a fun one. Gift exchange, games, plenty laughs and a lot of love. In addition to Family Prayer on Friday nights, Sunday dinners and various celebrations. Different sides of the track but seeing everyone still come together all these years sets the foundation for what I’d like to see in my future kiddos. I’m grateful for my immediate and extended sides, the gift of laughter and gathering’s that bring us closer each year.

2. Independence-
“You a fool, been to school, even walked across the stage

And she say I love Webbie from his looks to his ways

The stilettos, the J’s, depend on how the weather look

Flip flop slippers just to show off the pedicure” 🤪

There’s a number of ways to think of being independent or what some may refer to as being a free spirit. I’m grateful for the courage to move freely, having the confidence to navigate whether solo or with a crowd and the financial means to hop on a plane when I need a getaway or a breather.

1. Music- What would life be without music? The start of a Soul Train era that I remember watching as a kid on that small TV with the antennas in the back, the boom box, recording songs on cassette tapes straight from the radio, buying the clean version of CD’s from Wal-Mart, music videos and now streaming apps. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not blasting music. My routine typically consists of gospel in the morning as I’m getting dressed, a mixture of R&B on my commute to work, my ‘Work Flow’ playlist once I’m in the office, Hip Hop or the radio to my next destination and bubble bath music as I wind down the night. Some of my jams this past week have included Sabrina Claudio, H.E.R, Wale, Tank, 2005 Keyshia Cole and Kevin Gates… to name a few.

*My Favorite Hobbies

Exploring new things be it a city, restaurant (S/O to Yelp!), a recipe or a new artist.

Shooting pool– I started shooting in between classes at Lee College. Had no clue how to play or what to do but a high school friend who also went to LC taught me a few moves and it’s been game on ever since. This became a mini hustle in college then I linked up with my old teammates for our weekly pool tourney’s. Some of the best times and best memories at hole-in-the-walls!

Writing– “Dear Diary”, journals, English papers, poems, writing is therapeutic and comes with ease. The start of ‘Corrita’s World’ came about from my love for writing and wanting to push the envelope a bit more. It’s allowed me to become more vulnerable and share more of what occurs in my everyday world.

Dancing– Honey! I love to move, literally. What started off as gymnastics lead to praise dancing that has transformed into line dance, 2-step, zydeco, twerking and simply letting my shoulders lead the way.

*My Pet Peeves

Uncleanliness– Not washing your hands before touching anything in the kitchen, skipping the soap and water after using the restroom and coughing/sneezing without covering your mouth

Being aggressively argumentative– I don’t mind a good, healthy debate and we can always discuss a topic backwards and forwards that results in us agreeing to disagree but being aggressively argumentative for the sake of it is draining and disturbs my peace. I’d rather shush up and watch you make a fool of yourself.

Liars – We live in a world where some could care less about the truth when the lie is more entertaining, as often told by Charlamagne. “Nothing better than listening to a lie when you already know the truth…” It’s no secret I’m not good at lying and honestly see no point in doing so. The time I did lie about something I should’ve came clean on, my conscious ate me up! , It’s no reason to lie and in all honesty who has time to keep up with lies.

*What Do I Want My Legacy To Be?

My legacy is not only my name but the things I did to impact future generations. Through my job and writing’s, I would hope one is inspired to follow their passion, keep pushing to fulfill their dreams and never stop trying, despite your age. It may take years to receive a ‘Thank You’ or accolades of appreciation but there’s beauty in persistence. I would hope my legacy is a positive one, leads to a beautiful ending and one realizes there’s purpose within each day..

Until next time,
Corrita 💘

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Take Care Of Yourself

I posted this photo on my IG a while back and recently on my site for the May Photo Challenge. When I came across this picture I immediately felt this pic was talking to me. As of December ’18, I’ve been with my job for 10 years now and have been in management for 2. It’s been ups and downs and everyday is a challenge but I love the aspect of protecting the unprotected and helping where I can.

For someone like myself who doesn’t stress, I can admit one month was pretty rough and I had never felt so low, tired, drained and ‘over all this sh*t’ in my life! It was so bad I almost felt like I was going through a depressive stage. During this time, one Tuesday a staff called me to discuss a case and out the blue she asked if I was ok. I said “yeah, I’m fine” with a fake smirk through the phone. She said you just seem sad. I responded, “I do?” At that moment I knew it wasn’t ok and some changes needed to be made. I told her I was just tired, work has been a bit overwhelming and I think I was stressing a bit. I know, that’s not something you want to tell your staff but it was raw and the truth and honestly we’re all human. Here I am thinking I’m keeping it altogether for myself and my staff and I was having meltdowns in private. I always encourage my staff to take time off or take care of yourself because if we aren’t in a good headspace we can’t be as effective to help others we council and work with on a daily. I was drowning. So, there I was not taking my own advice.

My bf knew how bad it was getting but I made excuses because I knew how much the work still needed to be done. I would go to the office and work all day, get home and work, fall asleep while working just to fall into the same routine day after day. Not only did I start neglecting myself, I was neglecting him because it became all about work. He encouraged me to take some days off so I could get away and we’d take a mini vacay. Say what?! I’m all in.

In honor of mental health month, I encourage you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Take care of your body and mind because you only get one. As the picture describes, I had to tell myself if I left this job today they would mourn for 2 minutes, clean my desk and set it in the lap of the next person. Harsh, but it’s truth. The mini vacay couldn’t have come at a better time and put a lot of things in perspective for me. I HAD TO get back taking care of me: Exercising regularly, doing yoga, getting massages, eating right, drinking more than a half bottle of water (lol), spending more time with family & friends, journaling and applying myself to become stronger spiritually and mentally. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work, looking perfect or comfort zones but if you don’t take care of you, you’ll be 35 years young with high blood pressure, gray hair and a bitter spirit. I’m just happy to say that today I’m in a much better space. Things aren’t perfect but they’re much better than my yesterday. Take care of you and encourage someone else to do the same, you’ll start seeing the benefits and will be glad you did. Until next time.. –Corrita 💛
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Mother’s Day Eve 🥀

Mother’s Day is not a favorite “holiday” of mine. Never has been. I was blessed to be adopted as a baby and had a life well-provided for but my relationships with my mothers (adoptive and bio) have not been the best. If you truly know me and we’ve had conversations on a deeper level, it’s no secret. It’s an area in my life that has always been strained, strange to discuss and hard to overcome from a pre-teen to now. I’m surrounded by sooo many women: sisters, Aunts, my Grandmother, God-Mother, co-workers and friends whom I look up to but it’s absolutely nothing like having a mother/daughter relationship. Yearned for but never had.

With the help of a friend, a few months ago I got into therapy to address those dark areas in my life. As I did my homework things started looking up. In the AA community, therapy isn’t always a go-to solution. For years I’ve always heard “just pray about it”. I do and I have prayed but sometimes a fix is needed on a deeper level. At first I was a bit ashamed about it but when I sat and thought, you shouldn’t be ashamed of something that will help you grow. I too want to be a therapist at some point and I need to understand from the client’s perspective what it’s like sitting on the other side of the couch spilling your words on sensitive subjects.

I was invited and asked to do a poem at a Mother’s Day breakfast last week. As I was writing and gathering my thoughts I didn’t only want to talk about the beautiful things or happy times of Mother’s Day because that’s not everyone’s experience. A lot of women find that day hard for a number of reasons, including myself. By the end, it was not only therapeutic for me but helpful for other women as well. Saying that to say, never Judge a person’s story if the day isn’t all about happy feelings, flowers and champagne. You never know another’s person’s walk. Today has not been a good day, at all. I’ve been in the house and to myself but I have to do some baking and will find the strength to attend church with my mother tomorrow so tomorrow will be a better day. –Corrita 💛

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Red Table Talk feat. The Curry’s

After listening and reading many posts on social media, I finally had the opportunity to watch the RTT interview and formulate my own opinion on the discussion regarding Ayesha’s 2-second comment about not getting the same attention from males. The show included Mama Curry, Ayesha Curry (wife to Steph), Baby Sister Curry, Sydel (Steph’s younger sister who is married to an NBA star) and newly-engaged Mrs. Curry-To-Be, Callie (Seth’s fiance- the younger brother to Steph and also daughter to LA Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers). Also included were the hosts- Jada, her mom and daughter, Willow.

The show was taped in the North Carolina home of Mama Curry and started with Mama Curry discussing what it was like meeting her husband of 30-years at the age of 18, the bumpy roads and how they’ve progressed over the years. Ayesha discusses not losing your self as a woman and still having your own without getting lost in the shadows of her husband. Sydel has been married for about 6 months and became emotional over discussing how she sees her husband about once every 2 weeks and those hardships. Callie discusses how her engagement went and being excited to be a wife enjoined into the Curry crew.

Jada then asks the ladies how they handle other ladies (aka groupies) being around their men. Mama Curry says she actually likes it when ladies are attracted to her man, as long as they know he’s HER man! Ayesha says Steph is naturally nice by nature but she doesn’t like to be put in a position where she feels in competition with other women. She specified it’s not him, it’s always the other women and he oftentimes doesn’t see it coming. Ayesha says it’s given her a sense of insecurity but for the past 10 years she has 0 male attention and felt something was wrong with her. Immediately, all the ladies chimed in saying she doesn’t get the outside attention because she’s not looking while Jada added it could get real dangerous insinuating if she were looking. Majority of the ladies seem to deal with a great deal of anxiety being in the public eye or being around a large mass of people and discussed ways they over come it, whether through medication or soothing techniques. The ladies briefly discussed race, being told they’re not black enough or struggles growing up while being from a small town.

To discuss the meat and potatoes of the entire topic, in my opinion regarding Ayesha’s comment, I definitely think people overreacted and made her comment more than what she made it out to be. I absolutely seen nothing wrong with what she said as she was simply being open, honest and expressing herself on the experiences she has vs. her husband. As I was explaining to a few of my girlfriends, Ayesha is respected by a lot of people (men and women) and she carries herself in such a lady-like way that you can’t depict many flaws within her so the one time she makes a comment that some may not agree with, people will twist and dissect it into what they want to believe. Little girls, young adults and women LOVE getting dolled up and told they’re beautiful- be it your partner, co-worker, family member or friend- it’s a confidence booster. Not to be confused with not having self-confidence, but it’s nice being noticed and acknowledged by someone of the same or opposite sex. Now add Ayesha who’s constantly on TV and in the public eye, she’s constantly up against society’s pressure. Going back to RTT, I agree with Jada’s comment that there are men who are waiting on Steph to screw up but they don’t make a move on Ayesha because they know it’s a waste of energy, she’s not looking for it and will probably easily shut them down. On the contrary, what Ayesha may not realize is some of these men out here are full of sh*t, d*ck and lies. The way her life is portrayed seems like she has it all, she’s stress-free and there’s nothing in these streets worth risking it for. Just recently, Steph came out with a message praising his wife for not being afraid to speak her truth. The couple seems happy and Ayesha will become stronger from this moment.

This was my first time watching RTT and I was pretty surprised the show was less than 30 minutes. It was sooo good, I just wanted it to be longer! Some areas seemed edited and there was a segment at the end where Jada pulled out a fish bowl and each lady pulled a question but Ayesha was the only one to answer her question. I would’ve loved to know each question, hear each response and get a grander insight to each of the ladies’ personality. Nonetheless, the show was great to watch and I look forward to watching many more episodes of RTT.