May2019 Photo Challenge

… Annnnd go!
Crawfish season is by far one of my fav foods! Most people laugh at the amount of work that goes into eating a small piece of meat inside but it’s the social aspect, flavoring & juiciness that makes it #SomethingGood. Are you a crawfish lover?
According to, the #colour blue represents many things- the sky, sea, freedom, individuality, confidence, inspiration, calmness & balance. In this pic I was vacationing with my girlfriends in Cancun for my birthday and it was over 100 degrees out. HOT! I’m not sure if the sun was making me sweat or my body heat from all the tequila shots. Lol. Nonetheless, we had a great time & I look forward another vaca.. soon!
 #CorritasWorld #Vacation #Mexico #Cancun #GirlsTrip #BlueLips #Monokini
About a month ago I was asked to do a poem for a Mother’s Day breakfast held each year. Oddly, I decided to wait until the last minute to take on this task. I started working on it (in my head) Monday but here I am, at 11:46pm on the night before prepping, thinking, writing, snacking, brainstorming and trying to get all my thoughts onto paper. As you can see, it’s several things that go into a well-written poem: a fresh journal, old journals with notes I’ve collected over the years, my laptop, books inspired by women, a glass of water, peanuts to snack on, music to relax my mind and a peaceful environment. Not pictured is my candle as the smell of honey floats the air. A bit restless with a lot #OnMyPlate but I actually feel like I’m in my element and I’m doing something that I enjoy- writing. On a personal note, Mother’s Day has never been a favorite “holiday” for a number of reasons that I’ll touch on at a later time but I’m still going to pull this off with truth and emotion. My creativity mixed with a plethora of words, collectives and feelings seems to be leading me in the direction of another slam dunk. In my notebook.. 

 #Writer #MothersDay #TheMiracleOfAMother
#WhatISee is kinky hair, curly lashes and dark brown eyes. Thick nose, fully painted lips and piercing’s. A beautiful, brown-skinned young lady who embraces her freckles and isn’t afraid of her flaws. A puzzle and quite complex at times. #WhatISee is a young boss who exudes quiet confidence & can read your soul. I learned from a young age to embrace beauty, no matter how it’s handed to you. Ask yourself this same question, what do you see when you look at you? #Beauty #Brains #Flaws #Freckles #FlawsAndAll
So. Today’s photo challenge is #Earth and I had NO IDEA how I was going to incorporate that so I had to put my thinking cap on. But, today is Sunday, May 5 and it’s #CincoDeMayo! *cha cha’s to the left* 
 I had to pause, laugh for a minute & ask myself why do we  celebrate this day? To me, it’s always been known as a day of good weather, wear a sombrero and find taco & tequila specials around the city. 
 Nonetheless, I did a little research and found out why today is celebrated.
The top picture is from my trip to Cabo, Mexico, which was an amazing view of the town. The next photo is grilled fish tacos topped with cole slaw & avocados (from Clutch on Washington) and the last pic (courtesy of Google) is of my favorite margarita- Spicy Jalapeno Margarita! It was a beautiful day in Houston! Hung out by the pool and enjoyed the weather as many others did. What did you do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 
 #Houston #CincoDeMayo #Sombrero #FishTacos #TacosAndTequila #Margarita #JalapenoMargarita #Tequila #GoodWeather #Pool 
This past weekend we celebrated my nephew’s prom. He and his girlfriend looked really cute as they took pics and showed off their matching blue outfits! The whole family came out for the send-off and it was another memorable moment. Today’s photo challenge was #SomethingYellow (my pants, his lettering 😏) that I pulled from the archives but I wanted to highlight him for a few of his accomplishments. He’s my youngest nephew, a graduating senior and involved in a ton of activities, including basketball & band. Outside of school he plays the drums on Sunday morning’s, has great taste in music & can cook a steak to perfection! Following his graduation he’ll be attending college and would like to one day become an engineer. He’s a really cool kid and I’m super duper proud of him. Ironically, my shirt has #JamesHarden on the front and we’re currently in the 2nd round of the playoffs. 🏀 The neph is a #LeBronJames fan though.. 😆
A fun fact about me is that i LOVE to polish my nails and do it In a world where nail salons can paint and create just about anything under the sun, who still polishes their nails? Lol. Well, this chick does! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get my nails done if I’m going out of town or on vaca but for my day-to-day, it’s become part of my routine and is actually very therapeutic. I’ll mostly do it in the morning before work while listening to my gospel music or whatever genre crosses my mind and I’ll polish away. It’s my me-time and the #small-est and one of the simplest acts of my day. The color pictured is a pink-ish from the #JenaTaylor collection.
I am truly a foodie at heart and love exploring new restaurants and types of food but in between those meals #iEnjoy snacking. My pantry has a shelf for real food and another shelf strictly for my snack foods to include chips and dip, popcorn (regular and caramel), waffle cones for days I want ice cream, fruit snacks, Mexican candy, chocolates, marshmallows, etc, etc. You name it, I probably have it! I eat about every 2 hours but in between meals I’m always snacking. Lately, I’ve been incorporating more healthier snacks like peanuts, kale, strawberries, pineapples, berries and all that stuff in the healthy aisles of Kroger’s. Are you a healthy snacker or do you enjoy mostly junk food? Feel free to comment below and list some snack foods you love that I can add to my list!
A month ago I had to travel to Canada for work through a court-ordered placement. I’ve been in my position as a Social Worker for 10 years (whoa!- I know), Management for 2 but I have a passion for protecting the unprotected so that’s how 10 years have flown by. But anyway, on this particular day the weather was snowy, it was 24 degrees and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I’ve traveled various placed but I’ve lived in Texas all my life and snow isn’t the norm. Lol. As my flight was starting to land it was a beautiful sight #LookingDown and seeing a city and roadways FULL OF SNOW! Ironically, i went back the next month and it was warm and sunny with not a drop of snow. Weird right?
#Throwback to 2015 of me and my mother, I call her Miss. We were at my daddy’s annual trailride kickoff dance. His club and others around Houston get together to eat, drink, dance, give out awards, etc. before the trailride season starts. It’s a fun event and is always packed with good-looking ladies and gents in their cowboy/cowgirl attire. It’s also a BYOB event. She’s holding a bottle of wine that she didn’t drink lol she’s not a drinker but loves a coca cola with lots of ice 🥤
Last month was my boo’s birthday and I was contemplating what to get him for his birthday. He had been talking about needing more shoes (tennis) but as I was walking through DSW I couldn’t help but notice the bad boys pictured above. They were #CLEAN! Ya heard me?! Easter Sunday at the Baptist church #clean! In this moment the price didn’t matter because 1) it was him, 2) I love a good birthday 3) He’s a great guy 4) The shoe was unlike anything I’d seen in public and his closet lol I was sold! But a lightbulb went off, what if he doesn’t like em?! Yikes. Nonetheless, I ended up getting a gift card because he specifically talked about needing tennis shoes. I later showed him the pic and he hated em. Listening comes in handy, surely did this time. Lol. 👞


In December 2018 I made 10 years with my company. 10 whole years! That’s crazy when you sit back and think about it. What a roller coaster of stories and experiences! I remember it like it was yesterday- graduated on a Saturday and was in Beaumont filling out paperwork on Monday. Throughout all these years, this job has definitely whipped me into #shape to help me become the Social Worker I am today. Over the last few months I’ve been praying over my next career move. I never want to get too comfortable. I enjoy the aspect of my job but I feel there’s always room to grow and pursue your dreams.. 

*sings* We are fam-ily, I got all my sister with me.. Similar to Day 10’s photo challenge location, we did it cowgirl style at the Southwest Trailride Kickoff Dance some years back. In  this photo is a few of the ladies in my #family. From L to R: Myself, sister-in-law, aunt, sister, mother, sister. Fun times! 

I have always been a night owl since I was younger. Waking up at 4/5 am has just never come natural for me but at night I feel more relaxed, I can journal/write more freely and it’s a time of day I enjoy being up. On those #late nights I also enjoy relaxing music to cater to my mood so I’ll turn on my “Chillax” playlist and jam out. The playlist includes songs that are slow in tempo, mellow, old school vibes and a bit romantic. It’s also a playlist I would call ‘bubble bath music’. Keyshia Cole has been one of my favorites for years and the song ‘Emotional’ is one of my jams from her latest album 11:11 Reset. Check it out if you get a chance.. images8825450041484708429.jpeg
“I wish he could know what I’m too scared to show
I wish he could see just how much he means to me
I wish he could tell that I know him so well
I wish he could feel that my feelings are real
I wish he could hear all the things that I fear”
#iWish that I may, I wish that I might
Love him for always and never lose his sight.. 
One July we traveled to Chicago for a quick getaway. We ended up going to the Sears tower also known as Willis Tower (pictured here) which is 110 stories high. Yikes! On the elevator ride up it went floor by floor.. 34.. 47.. 59.. until it reached 110. I was nervous! Once we made it to the very top it was a beautiful sight and lots of photogenic moments. My sister was too scared to go first so I was next in line to sit in this clear glass, 110-stories high, overlooking Chicago and take a photo. Even though you can see it’s bolted I was still nervous! 😖 The others in line were encouraging until I finally sat down. Scoot by scoot I made my way further into the box until I finally realized it was all going to be fine & I wasn’t going to die lol It’s so easy for me to give advice but hard to take and I tell myself all the time, life will constantly be full of twists and turns but don’t stop pushing towards your goals. Go at a #SPEED your comfortable but keep going, keep pushing, keep scooting until you finally get there! Amen!

I posted this photo on my IG a while back. For someone like myself who doesn’t stress, I can admit I was having a rough month. I’ve never felt so low in my life but I was seriously contemplating leaving. I’m so quick to tell others live life, take chances, be FREE but here I was not taking my own advice and drowning in my tears. In honor of mental health month, I encourage my staff and everyone else take care of your body and mind. If you leave your 9-5 job today they’re going to mourn for 2 minutes, clean your desk and set it in the lap of the next person. Be #KIND to your body. Do those exercises, eat right, get a massage, meditate. Treat the only body you have as if it matters.. 

Flashback to this time last year in Jamaica. It was my first time there and I had the most relaxing trip everrr! It was also the first time I’d taken a birthday trip solo but I’ll discuss that more in another post. I entered my room and the view past the #DoorsAndWindows was absolutely gorgeous. Below me was 1 pool which leads to a swim-up bar and to the R was the ocean. Waking up to that daily will be a dream come true.. One day.. 

Guess what?! It’s almost my birthdayyyy!! Gemini season officially goes into effect tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. You literally wait all year for this, right? Right! Amped! Anyways, I’ve taken several trips and consider it a blessing I’m able to travel each year for my birthday. This picture is to the destination where I’ll be traveling-  White sandy beaches, all inclusive food and drink and #breathtaking views! Can you guess where?MAY PHOTO CHALLENGE- DAY 20
When I graduated bartending school one thing I learned was how to mix over 200 drinks. #InMyKitchen at the bottom of my pantry is where I store most of my liquor, liqueurs, mixing tins & other drink essentials that don’t have to be kept cold. The Irish cream liqueur (behind the raspberry Bacardi) can be added in cornbread mix while Angostura bitters (small red bottle in front) can be used in cocktails such as an old fashioned or even on BBQ. Funny though, I stopped drinking back in April and ironically haven’t had the urge to.. And my BC Powder box is still full. Lol! I didn’t quit for good but just to challenge myself, get focused and on a healthier track. It’s good to see how hard you think something will be when it’s really all in the mind..

I like reading but its become more challenging over the last few years finding time to sit still long enough and read. Audible was downloaded and I started reading/listening to at least 1 book a month as I drove throughout the day. #AGoodRead is Eric Jerome Dickey’s ‘Pleasure’ which is about a Gemini woman who’s in conflict with her Gemini mind. I understand Nia on sooo many levels. Another good read is a self-help, self-pace book called ‘Even Happier’. I would advise not starting until you’re committeed and ready because it requires activities and writing but if you do the work the results are worth it.

One of my favorite things about bartending private events is creating the drink menu. My first bartending job was cool but you could only do so much with the few mixing essentials they had. So to keep my #creative juices flowing I would get to play with different liquers and flavors to cater to that event and create a diverse drink menu. One year I bartended a Halloween party so to keep it fun and entertaining while still making delicious drinks I sectioned off the menu into adult cocktails, shooters and dessert delights- all Halloween-inspired. One shot I did was called ‘Brain Hemorrhage’ that consists of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Peach Schnapps and grenadine. Once the shot is complete it will look like the pic above that sorta resembles a brain. The guests loved it!

My parents (well, my mama) has ALWAYS had a #pet, mainly puppies. Of all the dogs she’s had I would say Pepper (schnauzer) and Decker (pictured above) have been my favs. Pepper was a good watch dog but would bark all times of the hours for absolutely no reason at all. Decker on the other hand was a dog she was given from a friend of the family who passed away and she wanted someone to take good care of her fur baby, so in steps my mama. Momz had Decker for several years until he transitioned into doggy heaven 3/2019. I would always tease my mama about taking Decker but I needed “doggy support” and she would roll her eyes everytime. Like child support, puppies require maintenance- spa, nail salon, beauty shop to get a haircut, doggy-sitting services when I travel out of town, vet visits, vegan doggy food, doggy toys, etc. She never agreed to pay so Decker stayed right where he was at but it was always fun being greeted at the door for a head rub, as he always would do when I arrived. 🐕

Yesterday was my birthday & the day was well spent! Woke up to a beautiful view of the Atlantic/Carribean, ate a good breakfast topped off with mimosas, spent the whole day at the beach, did a few other things around the resort then finished it off at the resort club- pretty litty. While on the beach the little monkey came up, stole my pineapple and went to town, as you can see. Lol. Overall, it was #AReallyGreatDay!

One morning my Auntie sent me this text, I chuckled! 😄😄 #Oops! Sorry dear, no babies here yet. Lol. I’m the only to my bio mom and youngest of 5 to my parents. I would love to one day have a family of more than 1 though, solo children be bored. I’ve always said I want to adopt my last one so we’ll see. 😄  

Today’s PC word is macro. I remember learning about macro/micro in school, the ‘mac’ in dealing with technology but I couldn’t think further than that. According to, one definition of #macro is a funny meme with a caption. Haha easy! The funny thing is the other week ago I was getting my hair done and the stylist said I remind her of a black Daria, the character from the MTV show back in the day. Didn’t  know what she meant so I asked, she said because I have my own life.. I chuckled.

20190522_1814578908988027185502053.jpgMAY PHOTO CHALLENGE- DAY 27
Anytime I travel where there’s a beach/ocean I can’t settle for anything less than an ocean view. They offer a #garden view but that’s pointless when I can see grass at home. Anyway, this pic was from the resort we stayed in during my birthday trip to Punta Cana. I was surprised to know a lot (not all) resorts in PC do not have a lot of ocean front properties. I’ve never seen a room with a tub on the outside so that was pretty unique. The trees throughout the property were beautiful! The blue right past the trees is the lazy river pool that circles the inside and right past that is the ocean. 

#Make sure what you want wants you back. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, when I came across this post the discussion was all about how to get an ex back, how to make him/her want you after years of not talking and how to know if you’re really over them. While in PC, Keysh and I caught up on some much needed girl talk about life,  love, work, relationships, family, etc. and part of our discussion was about knowing what/what not to accept from your significant other while still having a peace of mind. You can have all the respect for your SO and what they may bring to the table but if it’s not conducive to your lifestyle you don’t have to accept it. The hardest and sometimes the best choice is to wish each other well and keep it moving.

Before each meeting, my staff and I always do an icebreaker. This was included different types of M&Ms and from your pack each person picks 3 and describes what’s written on the sheet. My colors were orange, green and blue. It’s always interesting learning new things about #people. 

I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot. I even found a photographer, venue that matched my vision, booked the session but canceled. Why? I felt like I wasnt ready yet. This #silhouette is one of my inspirations because it’s simple yet raw. One day I’ll rebook.. 

10 thoughts on “Live~Laugh~Life

  1. Corittaaaaaaaaa!!! I love, love, love this! I’ve ready everything and I can literally hear your voice in every passage. I’m so happy for you and excited about your future. This blog is real, raw, and sooo YOU! It’s evident that you have a passion for writing. I love you and pray that God will bless everyone who reads this.

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  2. This is so you Popcorn! I enjoyed it. And, will check back in often. You are a free spirit, but a hard worker as well. A sweet, & loyal young lady that stays making moves. Keep living ya best life, and giving us a good read! May God continue to bless you with peace, love, and happiness. 💜

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  3. Okay so first of all, I’m glad you had a great bday/trip.
    Secondly, I’m definitely gonna listen to DJ Khaled’s album…I was gonna get to it eventually but your review makes me wanna check it out now.
    Last but not least, thanks for the post about taking care of yourself! I needed that…like really really needed to read that!
    Keep up the great writing friend. 💜

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    1. P.S. Seeee I told you that this blog reminded me of Daria!! You’re the black Daria. 😂😂 I’m not the only one who thought that. Lol. 🙌🏾😁

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