Be Your Own BREAST Friend ðŸ’ž

October is the month widely known to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness; however, during my search other notable dates in October relating to the internal and emotional side of a woman's experience highlighted the following: -World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) -International Day of the Girl (Oct 11) -Metastic Breast Cancer Awareness and No Bra Day… Continue reading Be Your Own BREAST Friend ðŸ’ž


September Blog Challenge, part IV

September Blog Challenge, part IVSept. 24-28*My Dream HomeMTV Cribs was a show that used to come on MTV when I was younger which featured homes of the rich and famous. I’m sure we all remember watching the jaw-dropping show as the cameras followed the celeb around as they showcased their big mansions, 6-car garages, 8… Continue reading September Blog Challenge, part IV


September Blog Challenge, part III

Sept. Blog Challenge, part III Sept. 17-21 *Favorite Quotes 3. During my final semester in college, my classmates and I were preparing to give a dinner to our professors and other community stakeholders. I was given the task of reciting a poem. As I was thinking about what we’ve learned over the course of the… Continue reading September Blog Challenge, part III


Coming Home

"Sometimes I gotta vibe alone to really understand some things". This meme popped up on my IG early Sunday morning. The right post showed up at the right time because all last week was shitty. I heard it allll week and my peeps I chat with on a daily knew my moods were on 1000!… Continue reading Coming Home


Maleah Davis 💕

I've never been a fan of the news because over the years it seems like every story is becoming more and more depressing. I enjoyed little segments of the weather or sports but since the emergence of smartphones, I can see it all with 2 clicks. In my field of work I see, hear and… Continue reading Maleah Davis 💕


Graduation 🎓

Graduations are always an exciting time full of family, friends and food. Certificates for the Kindergarteners and money/gift cards for the older ones. Well, that's the fun part. The seriousness comes in with going off to school to continue your education, pushing yourself to achieve the next career goal or numbing the pain from thinking… Continue reading Graduation 🎓

The Psychoanalysis of Tom and Tina

Relationship Talk 1-on-1

Back in 2015, the ladies and I embarked on an Urban Ski weekend trip in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Also there was Karlie Redd and Rasheeda and Kirk Frost from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I'm a follower of the LHHATL brand and through watching I became utterly disgusted at watching Kirk disrespect his… Continue reading Relationship Talk 1-on-1


Happy Birthday from Punta Cana! ðŸŒ´ðŸŽ‚🌴

A month ago I said I would keep my birthday simple this year- road trip, massages, mud bath, ride bikes, play with birds, yoga, etc. Different kind of birthday turn-up, right? Lol, I know. Well, my little Gemini mind changed and I wanted a beach so Punta Cana it was! My friend Keysha and I… Continue reading Happy Birthday from Punta Cana! ðŸŒ´ðŸŽ‚🌴