Be Your Own BREAST Friend πŸ’ž

October is the month widely known to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness; however, during my search other notable dates in October relating to the internal and emotional side of a woman’s experience highlighted the following:

World Mental Health Day (Oct 10)

-International Day of the Girl (Oct 11)

-Metastic Breast Cancer Awareness and No Bra Day (Oct 13)

-Be Bald and Be Free Day (Oct 14)

-Internal Medicine Day (Oct 28)

Whether directly affected or through a loved one you may know, Breast Cancer occurs when cells in the breast grow abnormally or spread, making it the most common type of cancer amongst women and increasingly amongst African American women.

Melons, ta-ta’s, bosoms, breasts, she holds 2 special gifts close to her chest. A small girl to a woman all sizes they grow, padded to full-figured bras; nonetheless, early detection is still the way to go. Whether the beat upon your heart, the lump underneath your skin, a woman’s breast holds dear and true connected to her feelings within.

Daily exercises, a healthy diet, living a life stress-free, no woman is exempt from being at risk even if she holds the highest degree. A corporate exec, psychologist or a teacher of Chemistry, a chef, baker or her own practice of dentistry. The secretion of liquids, nipple discharge, changes in the look or feel. Pains, swelling or knots near the underarm are symptoms a woman’s body will reveal. Women have gone through chemo, mammograms, surgeries and still suffer an immense amount of emotional pain. Hair loss, flaky skin, tears of sadness trying to understand IF cured will it come back again.

No woman deserves this sickness, crying spells, blood tests or loss of appetite. Crazy hormonal changes, throwing up, tossing and turning all throughout the night. No woman asked for cancer and there has yet to be a cure, millions of dollars, hours of research, how much more do we have to endure? Whether Medicare, SSI or in another state you may fall, every woman deserves to qualify, poverty-driven or homeless, this disease can affect us all.

In loving memory to those who have transitioned on. Our moms, aunt’s, grandmothers and dear friends, we must continue to spread awareness, learn about public policies and help educate young ones even as early as age 10. Learn your body, do self-breast exams and get comfortable with your touch, for there’s no such thing as caressing or feeling around too much.

Now is the time to be your own BREAST friend, be alert, ask questions and ensure you comprehend. From the many support groups online, by phone or in group therapy sessions, no woman should face this journey alone as each day is still considered a blessing.Β 

Additional resources and support groups in the Houston area can be found below:

Book- “This Is Only A Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me About Faith, Love, Hair and Business” by Chris-Tia Donaldson

This poem is dedicated to my 2 Aunts: Theresa and Jonell, my beloved Grandmother: Big Mama, and all the resilient women around the world who are Breast Cancer survivors.

Until next time,

Corrita πŸ’ž

3 thoughts on “Be Your Own BREAST Friend πŸ’ž”

  1. I great reading on breast cancer. Everyone should read this article. Bless the ones in the world that has survived not only breast cancer but all cancers.

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