September Blog Challenge, part I

Good Morning & Happy September! 🍁 We made it to another beautiful month. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer & lots has happened in between. I have a few blog posts I’ve been working on- some completed, some not- so in the meantime I’ll do this September challenge until the time is right to drop the others. Enjoy..

Sept Blog Challenge, part I
Sept 3-7

*Favorite song
If you don’t know already I’m a HUGE music lover so I have to break it down by genre. Since 7th grade, my favorite R&B song has always been ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ by Mya from her 1998 debut album, #11 on the track. The lyrics basically say it’s ok to be vulnerable and fall in love and because I already know what you’re thinking and I’m going to be there to catch you and love you back. I was in middle school love with a guy named M.J. and ironically he was great in basketball. Fun days after school spending time at the park close to the band hall. But anyways..

Favorite gospel song is ‘I Do Worship’ by John P. Kee. In college, we sung this song and MAN! The way it elevates you into a worship is unlike any other song, even today.

Favorite rap song is ‘Betrayed’ feat Webbie although ‘Let Me Ease Your Mind’ (also by Boosie) is in close 2nd.Β 

Favorite country song is a hard one. I grew up loving country songs based on the videos that played on MTV or CMT (Country Music TV). Although Brooks n Dunn is my fav group my favorite song would have to be ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’ by Shania Twain.

And lastly, my favorite old school song is another tough one. As many Sunday’s as I spent at hole-in-the-walls with my pool crew, I heard it all but song wise I would have to say ‘Caught Up In the Rapture’ by my girl Anita Baker. ‘This Weekend’ by Ann Nesby is following behind. Check it out!

*Biggest Fears- Regretting the risks I don’t take and losing the love of my life.

*Worst Habits– Passive aggressiveness, not following through at times and avoiding conflict because I despise arguing.

*What’s In My Bag– Ironically, I don’t like carrying a big purse so I’ll most likely have a wristlet or something small that’ll have my needed essentials- CC, ID, lip liner, cell phones, hand sanitizer, vaseline, keys, gum, toothpick, a piece or candy or a pack of fruit snacks.

*Where I See Myself In 10 Years– Whew Lord. “She got her own house, drive her own whip, Range Rover all white like her toe tips. She got a pretty smile, smell real good”- Boosie. Lol! I see myself happily married to my hubby, a kid or 2, a bird, well into my career passion,Β  traveling, walking on the sands of Fiji with my nose pierced and a Bahama Mama in hand.

Until next week..
-Corrita πŸ’›

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