Coming Home

“Sometimes I gotta vibe alone to really understand some things”.

This meme popped up on my IG early Sunday morning. The right post showed up at the right time because all last week was shitty. I heard it allll week and my peeps I chat with on a daily knew my moods were on 1000! … And bloody nature. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But anyway, Iyanla Vanzant is a fav of mine. Motivational speaker, life coach and outspoken spiritualist who is not afraid to get in your a$$. She’s real & I love that about her. She was in town last week and I missed seeing her live but I’ve been following her throughout her tour to catch little snippets. This particular vid I watched was about “coming home”. Whether home was a happy place or not, she referenced that you have to come home to the presence of who you are to truly live out your purpose. The video was confirmation that your happiness doesn’t rely in anyone other than yourself and at times you have to disconnect from the outside & tap into some alone time to bring yourself back “home”. For most, it’s easy to get so caught up in being away from home while taking care of everyone and everything else and neglecting the true essence of yourself. It’s also easy to lose focus on what truly makes you happy, what keeps that smile and all those internal beings that make life worth living.

Summer 2019 was one of theee best summers I’d had in a long time and was full of new faces, ex baby daddy’s, Anita Baker songs, brunches, hot pink toenail polish, shenanigans and hot girl sh*t. Hey Meg! 👋🏼 Fun times but I lost focus and at times lost my manners.

Iyanla continues to discuss that life has a way of slowing you down and if your current situation doesn’t make you feel good, it’s time to re-evaluate and make some changes. Get clear about what disrupts your home including dreams you put to the side, goals that got lost and all the things you prayed for that seemed impossible. NEWSFLASH! 🗣 It’s called YOU. You are the one that has to take accountability for your actions today, make the moves and shift into a direction where blame is not being placed on others for a lack of what you didn’t do. In order to seek out those dreams, YOU have to phone home and get clarity on what’s holding you back. Once you’re clear on what’s been the missing/broken pieces then you can effectively put in the work and head in the direction of success.

I consider myself somewhat of a social butterfly, even though I like birds more. Lol. I’m always in the streets, exploring a new restaurant, on a plane, a beach, somebody’s house or just always doing SOMETHING. It used to be hard for me to sit still, be alone or even be in the house for long periods because I always liked to be out and about. When Hurricane Harvey happened I was living off 290. Unlike the rest of Houston, we hardly got any flooding and I was basically cooped in the house. Work had been cancelled and I had a travel credit that needed to be used so I booked a trip to Montreal. My first solo international trip & an enjoyable one. I brought along a workbook entitled ‘Even Happier’ by Psychologist, Tal Ben-Shahar that was full of exercises on self-reflection, growth and provided a deeper level of understanding you. Til this day, it’s still one of my favs.

I recently re-downloaded my Audible app and read/listened to Amber Rose’s book, How To Be A Bad B*tch. Surprisingly, it was better than I thought as she provided lessons on being yourself and not conforming to anyone else’s views. Simply be you. Charlamagne’s 1st book was a great read as I took away a lot of pointers on life, learning from your mistakes and the most important, living and owning up to your truths. My current read is ‘Laws of Human Nature’ by Robert Greene which mostly discusses human behavior.

As August begins, it’s already a busy one from the looks of my work and personal calendars but I’ve committed to having more me time while getting back to my core focus. And lastly, in the wake of the untimely shootings happening around our country, we never know when the final day will come so love on your loved ones, be cordial to the fake ones & appreciate the gift of being blessed to see a new morning. Happy Sunday/Monday (it’s 5:43am but I’m still awake like my alarm isn’t going off in 12 minutes 😏). Until next time.. -Corrita 💚

2 thoughts on “Coming Home”

  1. What a great way to wake up and read this beautiful writing by Corrita. Continue to be you and look to God for guidance.


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